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Reviews of Kevin Christison and Dr. Song Min Jeong on The Shape of Time: Glass Art Solo Exhibition b

We have received some professional reviews on The Shape of Time: Glass Art Solo Exhibition by Sunny Wang. Kevin Christison, artist and curator and Song Min Jeong, Assistant Professor of the Education University of Hong Kong both provide their insights on Sunny's exhibition.

Kevin Christison has stated that " Sunny Wang is one of a relatively few artists working directly with blown glass that is actually making art. In Sunny Wang's exhibition, "The Space of Time-Solo Glass Exhibition", the artist reveals a relationship with a broad array of materials, including carved wood, cast bronze, and even stitched linen, but it is blown glass that remains at the core of her three dimensional explorations."

Dr. Song Min Jeong's The Encapsulated Shape of Time has also stated that "We cannot seize every moment of our lives, and we can only recognize a moment through memory after it passes. This idea inspires and challenges many artists who devote their time to creating art in the studio, but what viewers encounter is only the finished outcome of their exploration. This may be the strength and also the shortcoming of non-time-based artwork—that, when it is completed, it selectively reveals just one moment. The Shape of Time, a solo exhibition by Sunny Wang, opened at 1a space in Hong Kong in November 2017. The exhibition explored what it means to be present in each moment and invited viewers to experience the making process encapsulated in objects made of various media including glass, wood, textiles, and bronze. Wang is a Taiwan-born artist based in Hong Kong who currently serves as an assistant professor at the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University. Over the past two decades, she has gained worldwide recognition, especially for her glass objects which convey a sense of calmness derived from East Asian philosophy.

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