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1a space, founded in 1998, is an independent, non-profit making contemporary visual art organization and art venue founded by a collective of Hong Kong artworkers.

It moved from its original location an old government warehouse at Oil Street, North Point, to the current location at Cattle Depot in 2002. 1a space aims to promote the making, experimentation, exchange and dissemination of contemporary art both in Hong Kong and in the international arena. 


Over two decades, 1a space has developed into one of Hong Kong’s leading contemporary art organizations. It has produced more than 170 exhibitions and activities, and has been active in international exchanges, cultural festivals, participatory community art, as well as art education and publication. The operation funding of 1a space has been supported by the grants and donations, while its administration cost is partially supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

1a space at Cattle Depot in 2001.
About us passage

Incubator for experiments in art

  • Offers physical and conceptual space that encourages experimentation in artistic mediums, curation, research and criticism

  • Establishes solid and organic collaborative relations with artists and arts organizations off different generations, in order to develop our experimental art programmes in the long run

  • Cultivates a great diversity of contemporary art practices, and continuously reexamines the position of alternative art spaces in the local art ecology, with the aim of filling in the gap between public art institutions and commercial ventures.

Platform for multi-disciplinary & multi-regional exchanges

  • Connects visual art and other creative disciplines, including literature, performance, architecture, crafts, and allows for an environment for sparks to fly from cross-disciplinary collaborations

  • Encourages and participates in cross-regional exchanges, such as seminars, artist residencies, and co-organized projects

  • Constructs a site for critical cultural thinking and dialogue, through organizing public talks and seminars, commission art criticism, etc.

Cattle Depot

Laboratory for learning & community engagement

  • Widens the scope of our projects to encompass not just Cattle Depot but also To Kwa Wan and even Hong Kong, linking up various groups and communities in the process

  • Organizes workshops, guided tours, discussion sessions etc. to accompanying exhibitions and major cultural events in the local calendar, in order to stimulate the contemplation and discussion of social and cultural phenomena among and between different groups

  • Links up with schools and other organizations in an attempt to explore new possibilities in learning and knowledge exchange

  • Emphasizes on participatory conception, curation and creation, in order to invigorate collective community building and embed creativity and criticality into everyday life

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