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No New Idols: Hong Kong

No New Idols: Hong Kong is an international event combining performance arts and visual arts exhibition, covering the topics of ancient civilizations and cultures. In addition to exhibiting artworks from international and local artists, the programme includes a range of art appreciation and experiential education activities in form of performance arts.

A series of workshops of No New Idols: Hong Kong will be presented in December 2019 at different art venues around Hong Kong. A range of workshops for young people and public, including workshops led by local and international artists, artist demonstration and exhibition presenting the collaboration works of artists and participants will be held. Youth-oriented art workshops and martial art experience including cyanotype, mural painting, printmaking, and martial arts, aims to allow local youth experiencing art in different medium in their spare time. And an exhibition opening ceremony/ exhibition will be held from 15 December to 29 December 2019 to showcase the learning outcomes of workshop participants to a larger group of public audience. This programme is supported by Home Affairs Department.

Experience unique visual and performance arts by workshops led by artists from USA, Mexico and Hong Kong:

1. Cyanotype Workshop 2. Mural Painting Workshop 3. Print-Making Workshop 4. Choy Li Fut Art Experience 5. Martial Mediumship Workshop


Cyanotype Workshop

Artist will work with the participants to create cyanotype, in reference with the ancient and folk symbols and features of Hong Kong, Guangdong, Hakka and other cultures.

Using Indonesia motifs, Parang and Kawung, as examples, the artist will introduce the unique motifs of different cultures and its representation. In the workshop, the artist will encourage participants to create several simple geometric or just organic/irregular shapes from their belongings, then transform the shapes into a strong motif by repetition. Participants can also use paper-cutting, marker to draw on clear film to create shapes or just use prepared geometric shapes from artist. Then they will put their design onto their water-colour paper painted with the chemical solution and print the design onto the paper by letting it sit under the sun/ UV light.

Participants’ works will be presented in the exhibition of No New Idols: Hong Kong after the workshops from 15 December to 29 December 2019.

Workshop date: 14-15 December 2019 (Saturday and Sunday) Time: 10am – 12nn; 1pm – 3pm Venue: 1a space (Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong) Quota: 20 people each session Target Audience: 6-29 years old Artist tutor: Karen Lai Garling


Mural Painting Workshop

Supported by the Kowloon City District Council and the Tsung Tsin Christian Academy, large scale mural painting workshops will be held in the Cattle Depot Art Park and the basketball court of Tsung Tsin Christian Academy. The workshop will engage the local population to describe their idea of what is sacred and what are their hopes and dreams. Workshop participants can work with the lead artist to create two pieces of new public mural artworks during the workshops. In addition to responding to the culture and community of the district, the murals can beautify the environment. Artist will study the characteristics of the community and draft the sketch of the mural before the workshop, while participants will be involved in the process of mural painting with the guidance from the artist. The working process will be documented using video and be played in the No New Idols: Hong Kong Exhibition during 15-29 December to showcase the workshop result.

Workshop dates: 10-14 December, 2019 (Tuesday to Saturday)

Time: 9am – 11am (Session 1); 2pm – 4pm (Session 2)

Venue: Cattle Depot Art Park and Tsung Tsin Christian Academy Quota: 100 people Target Audience: 13-29 years old and general public Artist tutor: Justin Hoover

* 12-13 December workshop sessions welcome public participation.


Print-Making Workshop

This workshop will introduce basic wood block carving and hand printing technique to the general public. Participants will be invited to bring an old photograph from their household for the design. The blocks and selected prints done by participants of each workshop will be kept by the tutor to be included in a mural display in No New Idols: Hong Kong, to showcase their interpretation of their own personal history.

Date: 7 and 14 December 2019 (Saturday) Time: 12pm – 3pm; 4pm – 7pm Venue: Senselessart Studio (8/F Golden Name Commercial Building, 400 Portland Street, Prince Edward, Hong Kong) Quota: 20 people per session Target Audience: 12-29 years old Artist tutor: Jane Fok *Each participant please bring an old family/household photograph (digital or print) for the workshop.


Choy Li Fut Art Experience

Choy Li Fut is a kind of Nanquan in Chinese martial arts. After more than one hundred years of development, it is not only popular in Lingnan, but also in many countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia. Artist Justin Hoover will lead the participants to experience the flow of body movements in this workshop, and experience the holistic coordination of body and the balance of the body during the practice of Choy Li Fut, which aims to explore the science and rationality of the routines and practice methods of the traditional Chinese martial arts Choy Li Fut.

Date: 15 December 2019 (Sunday) Time: 3pm – 5pm Venue: Cattle Depot Artist Village and Cattle Depot Art Park Quota: 40 people Target Audience: 6-18 years old Artist tutor: Justin Hoover


Martial Mediumship Workshop

Martial Mediumship focuses on incorporating an ancient sense of the warrior spirit with traditional and contemporary dance, movement, costume and ritual. This Ba Gua Zhang based workshop uses the fundamental practice of this martial arts technique and layers it with Mexican spiritual and indigenous warrior practices. The workshop uses movement and costume to channel the spiritual warrior inside all humans, and relies on the esoteric mystical practices of Ba Gua Zhang. This unifies Taoist and Buddhist philosophies with traditional indigenous Mexican dance and movement practices thereby celebrating the 2000 year relationship of cultural exchange between these two native cultures. Utilizing Ba Gua Zhang, this project focuses its physical/spiritual aspects from Buddhist and Taoist monks, utilizing exercises that build the internal energy systems and focuses on teaching youth self healing (muscles, chi, facia, tendons) as well as trains the spiritual aspects of meditation, concentration, critical thinking, and creativity in teaching to channel one’s spirit for the betterment of the self, the family, and the community.

Date: 7-8 December 2019 (Saturday and Sunday) Time: 3pm – 5pm Venue: Tsung Tsin Christian Academy Drama Room (8 Lai Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon) Quota: 30 people Target Audience: 6-16 years old; 17-29 years old Artist tutor: Yunuen Rhi


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