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Review of Dr. Knothe on The Shape of Time: Glass Art Solo Exhibition by Sunny Wang

1a space is please to present Sunny Wang’s 4th solo exhibition,“The Shape of Time –Solo Glass Exhibition by Sunny Wang” in December 2017. Currently, We have received Dr. Knothe's review on the exhibition. Dr. Florian Knothe, Honorary Associate Professor of the Department of Fine Art of the University of Hong Kong and Director of the University Museum & Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, provides his professional review on Sunny Wang's glass art solo exhibition.

Dr. Knothe's shares his insight on how Sunny Wang's works echo with 1a space gallery space and draw spectators into her creation. "Poetic Stones is visually pleasing and exemplary of skillful artistic talent. When seen in a group, the objects invite a study of each individual piece, and they, on a much larger scale, determine the space and the way visitors perceive a landscape laid out with and by the ‘stones’. Here each display differs, as the artist both works with the space diverse galleries provide while she also makes the space by allowing her ‘stones’ to dominate and guide. They guide the eye and reading of the scene and draw the spectator into it."

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