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Art Basel Hong Kong 2014|Education Partner

We are pleased to inform you that 1a space will arrange guided tours for teachers and students who are aged 14 or above, which are to be presented by Hong Kong local artists/ students on Thursday 15th May and Friday 16th May respectively in Art Basel 2014.

For interested parties, please free feel to contact us as the application form will be ready on 21st April, 2014. *Applications in the format of completed application form submitted to (on or before Friday 2nd May, 2014) will be shortlisted on a first come first serve basis. Confirmation will be returned by email with 1a’s stamp and confirmation code.

For the School Tour, kindly find the requirements as follows: 1) all students of the tour must be of age 14 or above; 2) the recommended minimum chaperone to student ratio is 1:10 and the chaperones must be with their group at all times during the visit, i.e. one teacher to ten students; 3) schools MUST use the Expo Drive entrance and proceed DIRECTLY to the dedicated Schools Cloakroom in Hall 1, opposite the entrance to Hall 1A ; 4) all school tour will be given a short briefing by 1a Space before entering the fair as school visitors must be on proper conduct at the Fair. No cameras or bags are allowed within the exhibition halls; 5) applications will be shortlisted by first come first serve basis, as which is subject to the completed form submission to by accepted date and time with 1a Space confirmation. For more information about Art Basel, please click:

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 2529-0087 or email to

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