1a space proudly presents BY THE WINDOW, a painting exhibition showcases the artworks of 9 Hong Kong artists.


If you have ever flipped over a painting (those canvases on a wooden frame), you will find the structure of the frame is similar to a window.  When you look at a painting, the first thing that you see would be the image itself.  But in fact what takes place is a transposition where the viewer enters the artist's point of view and see what they see.


Yet where are the artists? They could be working in the studio, walking on the street or anywhere in the world. However, when a painting is exhibited for public viewing, the artist presence is removed and excluded from the boundaries of the painting.


Sigmund Freud once said that the artist takes pleasure in hiding and secretly observing the audience standing in front of their own painting. The eyes of the artist and the audience may never meet.  They will watch the scenery alone.  But at the same time they wait for the change of scenery by the window together.


In this painting exhibition, the curator and exhibiting artist Ivy Ma, cooperated with Tsang Chui Mei, Heung Kin Fung, Sim Chan, Chan Sin Hang, Lau Yin Yeung, Fong Tsz Leong, Kan Kiu Sin and Kong Chun Nga, along with their latest artworks.


Ivy also wrote a statement for the exhibition entitled "Nine clues before, during and after the curation", aiming to provide some supplementary information to the audience before their visit.

Curator and Participating Artist

Ivy Ma

Ivy Ma is a Hong Kong artist working in drawings, paintings, photography and mixed-media installation. Having studied in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, She has held six solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, and participated in group exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Pakistan and Australia. She was an Asian Cultural Council grantee in 2007 and she received Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards, Young Artist Award in 2012.


Participating Artists 

Tsang Chui Mei

Tsang Chui Mei obtained her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1996 and 2004 respectively. She had been selected to participate the artist-in-residence program at « Cite Internationale des Arts » in Paris, France in 2015. Her recent exhibitions include: “Some Landscapes” (Grotto Fine Art Ltd, Hong Kong), [Purple]: Women of Mankind (One East Asia, Singapore), etc. Art works are being collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Fringe Club, Philippe Charriol Foundation, Hotel ICON, Hotel Stage and private collectors.


Heung Kin Fung

Heung Kin Fung, Alex, received his BA (Fine Art) & MFA degrees from RMIT University (programme co-presented with Hong Kong Art School). He is a lecturer of the Hong Kong Art School. Alex has taken part in a number of local and oversea exhibitions. His painting is collected by the Museum of Art Hong Kong, MTR and private collectors.


Sim Chan

Sim Chan, graduated from Hong Kong Art School, Major in Painting.

Sim set up his studio in Fotan since 2007; He also participated artist-in-residence program in Beijing in 2009. He was selected by “Art@Government Buildings 2013-14” to create a public art installation and paintings at Queen Elizabeth Stadium. He participated at the 15th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition “Stratagems in Architecture” in 2016.

Chan’s work expresses his observation and tactile sense of his city. Base on the concept of painting, contemplate on self and the city’s context, document on his exploration between imagination and reality. Apart from this depiction, his work desires to reach beyond the usual format of painting as a medium; therefore experiments and studies on various painting materials have become his recent subject of interest.


Chan Sin Hang

Chan Sin Hang, was born in 1995, currently living and working in Hong Kong. She has a HD in Fine Art from the Hong Kong Art School. In 2018, she has involved in a group exhibition” Fresh Trend” in Hong Kong City Hall. She graduated from the RMIT University with a Bachelor of Arts (major painting) with distinction.


Lau Yin Yeung

Born in Hong Kong.

Lau received his BAFA from RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2017. He devotes himself in oil painting (and approaching the balance between the imbalance urban life and his mental consistence. His artworks are being well-known by combining natural elements and metropolitan city landscape with balanced composition.


Fong Tsz Leong

Fong Tsz Leong, Argus, received his BA (Fine Art) degrees from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in 2015, major in painting. Most of his works are oil paintings on wasted wood slabs, that are characterised by his expressive linear brushstrokes. His works reflects his insight from memories and his understanding on human nature.


Kan Kiu Sin

Born, live, study and work in Hong Kong.

Kan received her BAFA from RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2017. She experiments with painting, drawing and installation. Kan has held her first solo exhibition in 2018.


Kong Chun Nga

Kong Chun Nga, Kitty, is born and based in Hong Kong. She is a recent graduate (2017) of the BAFA programme co-presented by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University and Hong Kong Art School, majoring in painting. Themed around urban landscapes, her works engage with space, personal and collective memories within mundanity through drawings and paintings on paper in a surrealistic manner.

BY THE WINDOW – a painting exhibition

Opening Reception: 12 th January 2019, 6pm



Exhibition Period: 12 th January 2019 – 12 th February 2019

Time: Tuesday to Sundays 11 am – 7 pm (closed on Mondays and 5th – 7th February)


Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon

23 – 24 February 2019

Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District


Co-organised by the West Kowloon Cultural District and Kowloon City District Council, and programme partner 1a space, “Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon” is a community engagement event to be held on 23-24 February 2019 at the Art Park of West Kowloon Cultural District.


This free event with lots of activities will feature six components ranging from “Large-scale Eco-friendly Installation and Open Stage”, “Public Art Exhibition”, “Parent-child Interactive Workshop”, “Art Market”, photo exhibition “The Past and the Future of Kowloon City", and “Mini-Artbook Fair”.


Join us on the Art Park lawns and experience the vitality of Kowloon City District and West Kowloon!


Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon

Co-organisers:West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Kowloon City District Council

Programme Partner:1a space

Date:23-24 February 2019 (Sat & Sun)


To read more, please check the Chinese Version. (Please Click Here)


The Hong Kong show, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, features premier galleries from Asia and beyond. Underlining Art Basel's commitment to the region, half of the participating galleries once again have exhibition spaces in Asia and Asia-Pacific. The show provides an in-depth overview of the region’s diversity through both historical material and cutting-edge works by established and emerging artists.


1a space has been organizing the official school tours on providing insights on art appreciation to art teachers and students. Reaching the 7th year as the School Tour Host of the show in Hong Kong, 1a space provides guided tours to primary and secondary school teachers and students aged 11 or above.

Date: 28/3/2019 - 31/3/2019


1a space proudly presents Hactivate Yourself, a contemporary art exhibition and public project curated by Tuçe Erel, the 1a space’s Call for Curator/Artist in Residence 2019 recipient. This project features Istanbul-based contemporary artists AslieMk, Berlin-based Korhan Erel and Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk, Bochum-based artist Julia Nitschke, and Hong Kong-based artist Vvzela Kook. “Hactivate Yourself” is the selected project of 1a space “Call for Curator/Artist in Residence 2019”.


“Hactivate Yourself” is a project that concept is driven by transhumanism and posthumanism themes. The exhibition will explore artistic positions about hacking culture, biohacking, biopolitics, critique of daily usage of internet through performance, performative installations, videos, sound and site specific installations.

The exhibition will ask these questions: How can we hack our ideas? How can we look outside the box? It is important to understand that hacking in the smaller scale could change a lot in our daily life. How can we hack the system for the sake of better life? The popular culture and so many sponsored videos in the social media are promoting about healthy, quality, and active life. How about hactivating our lives!


The exhibition “Hactivate Yourself” will bring together AslieMk, Korhan Erel, Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk, Vvzela Kook and Julia Nitschke during the residency period at 1a space.


Hactivate Yourself

Opening Reception: 23 March 2019, 3pm

15:30 AslieMk – “Post”, durational performance

18:00 Göksu Kunak a.k.a. Gucci Chunk – “Döner Blackout”, lecture performance

19:00 Julia Nitschke - “PEOPLE SUCK BUT IT’S OK BECAUSE CATZ – why it is pretty much obvious to live riot not diet”, lecture performance


Exhibition Period: 23 March 2019 – 19 May 2019

Time: Tuesday to Sundays 11 am – 7 pm (closed on Mondays)


Venue: 1a space

Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road,To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Enquiry: +852 25290087/ info@oneaspace.org.hk

Facebook: 1a space

Instagram: 1a_space


Public program
Public program of “Hactivate Yourself” exhibition will have curatorial tour, a discussion session with invited academics from Hong Kong. The public program will finish with free improvisation audio-visual performance of Vvzela Kook and Korhan Erel, who are separately presenting their works in the exhibition.


Curatorial Guided Tour

March 28, 5pm to 6pm

March 29, 5pm to 6pm

March 30, 4pm to 4:45pm



March 30, 5pm to 6:30pm

Theme: Discussion on Biopolitics and Art: Hacking the Body

Speakers (in no particular order):

  • Göksu Kunak (Performance Artist, Researcher)

  • Julia Nitschke (Performance Artist, Researcher)

  • Dr. Denise Tse-Shang Tang (Assistant Professor, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University)

  • Dr. Sonia Wong (Founder of Reel Women Hong Kong and Part-time Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong)


Audio-visual Performance

March 30, 7pm to 7:30pm

Performance Artists: Vvzela Kook & Korhan Erel


1a space proudly presentsrest things, a solo exhibition by Tom O’Dea. 


rest things is a solo exhibition by Tom O’Dea bringing together very recent works alongside works from the past ten years. The exhibition title rest thingsreferences the Japanese poetic tradition of ‘rest words’ (makura kotoba) - the use of seemingly tangential words to allude to classical poetry by means of sound, association or meaning. The words themselves lose literal meaning, but form a nuanced rhizome-like set of associations within a vast tradition. A similar dynamic is at play in the encountered vernacular situations that initiate the works in this exhibition. rest thingsfollows on from a 2015 exhibition reclamation(Dublin, Ireland) that dealt obliquely with ideas of displacement and belonging. Encountered visual situations are interrogated and quoted out of context. Ready-to-hand vernacular forms and materials are cut off from intended use and re-purposed as visual frames of reference in an effort to come to terms with being in a place removed from erstwhile aesthetic benchmarks. The very recent works further the artist’s research into the space between painting and sculpture, utilising 3D modelling and printing technologies in combination with traditional ceramic-shell bronze casting techniques in the making of an articulated cast-bronze painting.



rest things - a solo exhibition by Tom O’Dea

Opening Reception:

13th June 2019 6:30pm


Artist Talk: 

12th June 2019 7:00pm

Guest:Prof. Louis Nixon (Director Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU)

On the occasion of the opening of rest things, Tom O’Dea will discuss his expanded painting practice with Prof. Louis Nixon. This conversation will explore his preoccupations and shifting processes and the development of his painting practice away from the literal application of paint. Amongst other things, they will discuss how an object that might otherwise be considered a ‘sculpture’ can function in the mode of painting despite its means.


Exhibition Period: 14thJune – 30thJune 2019

Time: Tuesdays to Sundays 11 am – 7 pm (closed on Mondays)

Venue: 1a space

Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road,To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Enquiry: +852 25290087/ info@oneaspace.org.hk

Facebook:1a space

Instagram: 1a_space


Artist Statement


Tom O’Dea’s practice is one of painting by other means. His work reconsiders the late modernist critique of painting while testing boundaries of what can be formally considered to be within the territory of painting. He tends to work on a modest scale that engages with both the cache and absurdity of the minimalist gesture. O’Dea works with a formal restlessness stemming from a wariness of idiom and an anxiety of falling into a habit-forming ‘default mode’. This sees materials with utilitarian associations deflate or forgo any notion of attempted virtuosity or preciousness associated with the use of ‘finer’ media. The parity between the intricately worked and a seemingly provisional resolution likewise questions the primacy of either. His expanded painting practice occupies a position of tentative doubt with the ambition of the work being to exist along the line between the quietly poetic and the borderline pathetic.

About Artist 


Tom O’Dea is an Irish visual artist living and working in Hong Kong. He received a BA (Honours) degree in Fine Art (Painting) at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology and a Masters in Fine Art (Painting- research by practice) at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. He teaches at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.


CUHK Launches “Mobile City Lab”
A Platform to Co-create the City Towards Sustainable Development


Jointly organised by the Urban Studies Programme,  the Master of Urban Design Programme, the Department of Geography and Resource Management, the School of Architecture, the Faculty of Social Science and the Institute of Future Cities of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), the “Mobile City Lab”takes the city as co-learning spaces. It serves as a platform for students, academia, professionals and the general public to understand urban issues from different angles and co-create knowledge to move our cities towards a more sustainable future. It consists of a series of events including exhibition, seminars, workshops and toursthat run from June to July 2019. 


The Mobile City Lab: Exhibition 

The exhibition will showcase the results of the pedagogy and research by CUHK’s students and research units in the form of interdisciplinary and creative works.


Date / Time:

2 July 2019 – 21 July 2019

Tuesdays to Sundays, from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm


1a Space, Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon


One-minute Community Sculpture: A Creative Tour 

How does sculpture relate to people’s daily lives? Participants will be guided by community storytelling and a walk-through in Kowloon City. In reference to an artwork called “One-minute sculpture” by an Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, participants are encouraged to make postures in a minute by utilizing the elements, surroundings and features of the community. The One-minute sculptures will be recorded by instant camera as a souvenir at the end of the event. Through the interaction of participants and the community, the definition of “sculpture” will be reconsidered, the understanding of the city and its development will be enhanced as well.  

Date: 13 July 2019

Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Venue: Kowloon City Pier

Language: Cantonese

Register now: https://urlzs.com/ni46K


Enquiry:+852 25290087/info@oneaspace.org.hk
Facebookpage:1a space

Other Activities

A number of seminars and tours focusing on spatial planning, heritage conservation and development in the New Territories will be held from June to July 2019. One of the key events is the Urban Thinkers Campus 4.0to be held on Saturday, 15 June 2019 in CUHK, which is organized under the World Urban Campaign coordinated by UN-Habitat. The event will invitestakeholders to identify, collectively, challenges and opportunities in planning, designing and developing the New Territories. 


The organizers trust that crafting the urban realm will be a stimulating activity for human being who are natural place-makers. It is through the shaping and reshaping of space into convivial and sustainable places that will promote the multifaceted wellbeing of people, place and planet.


Registration for all “Mobile City Lab” events is open to the public. Free admission and quotas will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. For programme details and registration, please visit http://www.urbanstudies.cuhk.edu.hk/news/view/146.


Co-organized by Kowloon City District Office and Kowloon City District Council, the Opening Ceremony of the Cattle Depot Art Park was held on 8th September 2019. Visitors can enjoy a variety of art & cultural activities from 8th to 22nd September 2019 including artistic workshops and public art exhibition to celebrate the launch of the park.

12 local artists/artist groups from the Cattle Depot Artist Village will present their public artworks and art experience at the Cattle Depot Art Park inspired by their imagination of this newly launched public space.

Participating Artists (in no particular order)

• 1a space

• Wong Chun-wing

• Cecilia Ho

• On & On Theatre Workshop

• Penjing Association of Hong Kong

• Andypoll Chan

• Chan Kwong-wah

• Frog King (a.k.a Kwok Mang-ho)

• Wong Chi-fai

• Grey and Green Ping Pong 

• Joseph Chen King-yuen (presented by Videotage)

• Chung Wai-ian

1a space proudly presented Shifting Subtleties, a contemporary art exhibition featuring Singaporean artist Daniel Chong, the Emerging Talents in Contemporary Art- Part 1: Open Call for Artist/Curator (Pan-Asia/Belt and Road regions) selected artist.


Shifting Subtleties is an exhibition about acknowledging existence. It is about acknowledgement through quiet, subtle means; coded and expressed in ways that seek to reaffirm. The show is an introspective take on the past works by Chong spanning numerous forms, materials and thematic explorations that are the quiet undercurrents of his identity through practice. The exhibition also includes new work made for 1a space.


Shifting Subtleties

Opening Reception: 20 September 2019, 6:30pm

Exhibition Period: 21 September 2019 – 27 October 2019

Time: Tuesdays to Sundays 11 am – 7 pm (closed on Mondays)

Public program

1. Artist-led Guided Tour

Date: 21 September 2019

Time: 3pm-4pm


2. Artist Discussion

An artist discussion on the topic subtlety and nuance will start with artist’s own practices, as well as other artists and thinkers that are relevant to this discourse both in a formal and political perspective.

Date: 26 October 2019

Time: 3pm – 5pm

About The Emerging Talents in Contemporary Art

1a space aims to provide young and emerging curator and artists a platform and resources for implementing conceptual and experimental art project. The Emerging Talents in Contemporary Art encourages local and international talents with curatorial guidance, training and advice to help actualize their artistic project. To enhance reginal and international idea exchange and dialogues, the project will be divided into two parts to engage with talents from different part of the world. Projects that take innovative curatorial approaches and experimental formats will be encouraged.


With the aim of encouraging curatorial research in tandem with exhibition planning, the programme provides deserving curatorial talent or curatorial team/ artist or artist group a platform and necessary resources to realize an innovative and experimental project to fill the gap between larger public institutions and commercial ventures. The aim of this curatorial residency programme is to promote arts in Hong Kong with international collaborations and to enhance international curatorial research in Hong Kong. The first Open Call in 2019 autumn will start with inviting 1 art talent/art unit from the Pan-Asia region and “Belt and Road” regions.


About the Artist

Daniel Chong (b. 1995. Singapore)

Working within the field of materialism and affect, Daniel Chong exploits and exacerbates the unique qualities inherent within each material. In doing so he produces works that are quiet and still in nature but far from being mute. He is a recent graduate Bachelor in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts. He has held solo presentations such as To touch on tension (2018) at Supernormal, Singapore and juvenescence; now (2016) as part of a solo residency showcase in LINEA de COSTA, Spain. Notable group exhibition also include You’re Reading Into (2017) at Vane, 4D: Not Another Dimension at ISLANDS Peninsula, Singapore and Untapped (2018) at Chan + Hori Contemporary, Singapore.


As a curator his freelance projects include Melting! Melting! (2019) at Gillman Barracks, Singapore and RAID (2016) at Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter, Singapore. He is currently working as an assistant curator at OH! Open House, Singapore.


1a space proudly presents Kit of Landscape, a group exhibition of selected graduate works from the Hong Kong Art School/RMIT University Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduation Exhibition. The exhibition includes the new works of the three selected artists and some site-specific artworks made for 1a space. 


Cheng Hoi Yan, Lit wing hung and Wong Ka Yi . Among the three art works, which brought out the commonality between the materials transformation and physical conversion. From personal emotion develop to the conversation with environment.


Exhibition is a short period to presence of space. The different time and space will constitute to the different view and landscape. Through the mixed setting and connection to create an object for narrative in the exhibition.


Special Acknowledgement: Hong Kong Art School & RMIT University


Opening Reception: 8th November 2019, 6 pm

Artist-led Guided Tour: 10th November 2019, 3 pm

Exhibition: 9th November 2019 – 28th November 2019

Time: Tuesday to Sundays 11 am – 7 pm (closed on Mondays)

Venue: 1a space

Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

About Curator and Participating Artists 



Joe Chan Kiu Hong 

Joe Chan Kiu Hong graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Art at RMIT University. Chan has been exhibiting his works in Chicago, Italy, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Macau and China. His ceramic work includes sculptural, installation, environment, and sound elements. Chan’s work ‘Jing Ting’ selected of Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012 (HKCAA). Chan has been invited to be the resident artist of Art camp Tango, Japan in 2014. Chan’s recent awards include MTR Tiara Sculpture Competition -Bronze Prize and 21st ifva festival (Media Art Category) - Gold Award. Currently he is Part-Time Tutor of Hong Kong Art School.

Participating Artists (in no particular order)

Edith Wong Ka Yi

Edith Wong graduated from the Bachelor of Arts in Hong Kong Art School and RMIT, majoring in sculpture. She uses cement and daily objects as a medium, allowing viewers to think the different angle and possibilities of visual.

Lit Wing Hung 

Lit’s works are usually in the form of mixed media sculpture and installations. Penetrating personal life experiences, physical limitations, worldwide social and news events, the artworks reflect Lit's observation in daily life, and express her confrontation with dissatisfaction and unfairness in a humorous way.

Meko Cheng hoi Yan

Meko Cheng received her B.A fine art from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2019. Her work is about representation of material, weight and physical manifestation. With paper, every trace that has been marked is memory, can be held in time, and never goes back. Through it’s balanced structure, the material shows a limited relationship with time. Therefore, the works are often in a state of balance and imbalance, calmness and flow, showing the tension and contrast of materials.


Although still, it seems invisibly fluid, linking time with layers of space in order to express a process about feelings in a moment.


【No New Idols: Hong Kong】

No New Idols: Hong Kong present a series of artistic experiences in December 2019 for the youth and public, including workshops led by artists from the United States, Mexico and Hong Kong, artist demonstration and exhibition presenting the collaboration works of artists and participants. The art event allows local youth and the public to experiencing art in different medium in their spare time across the city.

This project aims to bridge local and overseas artists with the local community and strategically strengthen cross-country connection through diversified art practice to create artistic responses in the form of participatory design and live performances.


To view the information of workshops involved please refer to this link: No New Idols: Hong Kong


The exhibition marks the end of the project with workshop results and performances. All are welcomed.

“No New Idols: Hong Kong” Opening Reception
Date: 15 December 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Venue: 1a space & Videotage (Unit 13 & 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

“No New Idols: Hong Kong” Exhibition
Date: 15-29 December 2019 (Close on Mondays and Public Holidays)
Time: 11am – 7pm
Venue: 1a space (Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

Presented by 1a space

Acknowledgments: Home Affairs Department

Supporting Organizations:
·Collective Action Studio
·Tsung Tsin Christian Academy
·Senselessart studio

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