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情感幾何 Geometry of the Sentiments
Jan 27, 2023 - Jun 302024

All things new start decaying at the moment they become newer

1a space proudly presents "Geometry of the Sentiments," a captivating six-month exhibition that will unfold from January to June 2024. This extraordinary endeavor will be divided into three distinct phases, each unraveling the mesmerizing transformation of 1a space's gallery space into a living artwork. Immerse yourself in the realm of artistic exploration as this exhibition pushes the boundaries of spatial creativity. Moreover, prepare to be enthralled by a diverse array of public programs that will enhance your experience and foster a vibrant sense of community. Join us on this remarkable journey and witness the harmonious fusion of space and art.

Curator|Chang Hoi Wood

Participating Artists|Chang Hoi Wood, Kachi Chan, Haynie Sze, Wong Chun Hoi, Obie Chan, Donald Wu, Lincoln Yeh, Yik Wing Chun

Venue|1a space, Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan

Curatorial Statement

Lights off /

the empty exhibition space /

hollow / dark /

it has nothing /

it has only itself 


Without exhibits, the exhibition

space is just being there and

waits for the next rebirth /

each exhibition is a rebirth of the

exhibition space and becomes

a new self 


Then / you read a promotional leaflet /

you read an exhibition title /

you write down the date and time/

you plan to go to this exhibition/

then / on the day you have written down /

you walk to somewhere which is

either familiar or unfamiliar /

you walk into an exhibition space /

you see an exhibition about the

exhibition space itself /

you see it showing itself within it /

and then / you ask /

where the works are /

this is just /

an empty and dilapidated /

field of nothing 


Later /

I write down the day /

I walk to somewhere which is

either familiar or unfamiliar /

I walk into an exhibition space /

I see an exhibition about the

exhibition space itself /

I see it showing itself within it /

I hear the voices of this exhibition space /

I read the whispers of thoughts

of this exhibition space /

I see the images of memories

of this exhibition space  


Later /

as he wished /

he touched the moment of its rebirth /

he touched its transformed body

and soul /

he measured its emotions within it /

and offered /

even the ambiguous /

unrecognizable /


Digital Catalogue

Curator & Artists Introduction

Chang Hoi Wood – Curator & Artist




Born in Hong Kong and studied architecture. After graduation, he practised at EDGE Design Institute and oversaw the project "Suitcase House, Commune by the Great Wall" (Beijing 2002). From 2003 to 2005, he was the artist-in-residence at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany. He then joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and taught design. His works have been presented in exhibitions, screenings and performances in Hong Kong, U.K. and Germany over the years. He curated and organised projects and exhibitions “Building . Power”, Architecture Exhibition in Los Angeles "Island_Peninsula - Glamor, Efficiency, Orderliness & Constant Change: Making of the Hong Kong Architecture Landscape", JCCAC Festival feature exhibition "Dimension of Living: A House is", “Hong Kong Interior Design Week”, etc. He is currently coordinating Place-making and Arts Tech projects funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

Kachi Chan – Artist




Kachi Chan is an artist and researcher who navigates the spaces between the physical and digital worlds. His exploration takes form through computational design, digital realities and robotics. His research primarily focused on employing cultural informatics to recast social issues artistically, all while giving voice to lesser-known perspectives within systems. Kachi was a recipient of the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence, which enabled him to pursue advanced studies at the Royal College of Art and Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London. 


Kachi’s research-driven artistry has gained significant recognition, including an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica, the Bartlett Medal, OPPO Renovators Creativity Award, and the Arts Council England Project Grant. His work has been exhibited at notable events such as Ars Electronica Festival, ISEA International, Art Basel Hong Kong and London Design Festival.

Kachi is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University where he teaches histories and theories within media art. 

Haynie Sze – Artist



Haynie Sze is an architect cum artist who graduated with a Master of Art in Fine Arts (2021) and a Master of Architecture (2005) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She is active in art making, curating and research, besides her career as a practising architect.  She is the recipient of the Emerging Artists Development Grant of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2023), and her award-winning artworks have been exhibited in local and international art exhibitions. Public artworks include Whistling Aloft and the Letters installed at the Hong Kong Science Museum Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui and the Central Post Office, Hong Kong. Haynie’s artworks explore the intertwined relationship between space, body, mind and spirit, with her line of research based on spatial psychology and perception. 


Haynie is also active in curatorial involvements.  She is currently a curatorial panel member of the 1a space, and has been a curatorial team member of the Venice Biennale of Architecture – “Delta Four (1984-2044)” (2014), and a team member of the SZ/ HK Bi-city Biennale of Architecture – “City Mobilization” (2009) & “Beyond the Urban Edge: The Ideal City?”(2013), and Venice Biennale of Architecture – “Quotidian Architectures” (2010) & “Vertical Fabric – Density in Landscape“ (2018). 

Wong Chun Hoi – Artist




Graduated from the School of Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong, majored in Critical Intermedia Laboratory. He treats Anger as the initiation of making art. His works mainly involve sound and electronics. Being honest and sincere is his basic creative principle. His work aimed at exploring the necessary useless-ness of technological medium, and to regain the consciousness of articulation of them. Wong got the gold award (Media Art category) in the 23rd ifva festival. Currently working as the artistic engineer in self-run art space "Floating Projects". Sometimes he works as sound designer and engineer.

Obie Chan – Artist



Drawing on a solid background in interior and architectural design, Obie possesses a passion for creating innovative spaces and objects that explore the seamless integration of diverse materials, colors, and patterns. His portfolio spans a wide array of projects, ranging from exhibition design and pop-up stores to the development of small community facilities. Not confined by any limitations, he embraces a multitude of presentation mediums in order to uncover the full spectrum of possibilities within the realms of craft and design. 

Donald Wu – Artist



After graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and received BA (Hons) in Environment and Interior Design, he participated in more than 50 construction of interior projects. Passionate in executing a plan from the beginning of an idea. He tries also adopting this ideology in other aspects of life, encouraging people to look at oneself as a project—be free from our inner obstacles, achieve the goal and fight against destiny. 

Lincoln Yeh – Artist




After graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and received BA (Hons) in Environment and Interior Design, he participated in commercial and public art furniture projects. He is interested in social and inner life of the city and explore new opportunities of space in Hong Kong, with the spatial relations of cultural diversity, density and complexity. 

Yik Wing Chun – Artist


08_Yik Wing Chun.jpg


Graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and received BA (Hons) in Environment and Interior Design. With a keen eye for optimizing confined spaces, he focuses on uncovering the full potential of every area, and thoughtfully employing subtle colour palettes that contribute to a serene and welcoming atmosphere. 


Interview Videos

Curator Interview — Chang Hoi Wood

Artist Interview — Kachi Chan, Haynie Sze, Wong Chun Hoi

Artist Interview — Chang Hoi Wood, Obie Chan
Artist Interview — Chang Hoi Wood, Donald Wu, Lincoln Yeh


Phase 1

| ○ | — The cyclical movement of things toward renewal (the repeated interruptions of continuity) and the possible encountering of the accidentals (the "first-time" without commitment, or as spectacles) 

Exhibition Period|27 - 28 January 2024  (Spectacle 1), 3 – 4 February 2024 (Spectacle 2) 

Time|11:00 - 19:00

Opening Reception|27 January & 3 February 2024 15:00 

Curator Tour|15:00 

Spectacle 1

Exhibition Setup

Exhibition Recap

Virtual Exhibition

The on-site exhibition switched on the lights every 30 minutes for 2 minutes. Both lights on and off versions are available for viewing.

Play the audio for a more immersive experience:
00:00 / 07:21
Lights Off
Lights On

Spectacle 2

Exhibition Setup

Exhibition Recap