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1a空間 在 藝術博覽會 2024

1a space @ Art Fair 2024


|△| is another state that has not been fixed after |○| as the state of beginning. In this ebb and flow, there are wrestling, changes and confrontation. Four works emerged at this stage, which based on space, sound, image and text. They seem to be unrelated and independent, but they meet each other and coexist here, forming the "one" work about 1a space. By employing the "sentiment" materials of 1a space, the works pretend to resemble 1a space but at the same time, they can never be it again.

After the two "spectacles" in phase one, 1a space continued to disintegrate, demolish and split into pieces. The last remaining elements in the space are the four triangles. They are the largest possible triangular shape cut out from the wall along the windows. They are the remainings between one window and another, between one opening and another. The four triangles form an open-up tetrahedron, which is an altar in the exhibition space, enshrining "itself" transformed from the "flesh" of it. In the process of disintegration, demolition and division of the 1a space, the remaining materials are gradually compressed into this 1a space "model", which resembles itself, allowing the lost 1a space possessed forever.

|△| 是從 |○| 之起始後,進入的,另一個尚未固定的狀態,在此消彼長中,存在 角力、變化、對峙。這階段冒出四個作品,從空間、聲音、影像和文字出發,貌似無甚牽連,獨立分離,卻互相照面,共存於此,形成關於1a 空間的同一而又不同的「一 個」作品。它們以1a空間的「情感」材料假意相像它,卻又同時,永遠地不能再是它。

第一階段的兩個「奇觀」後,1a空間延續瓦解、拆毁、分裂。空間中最後剩下的元素,乃從牆上切割出來的、四個可能最大面積的三角形。它們是,一扇窗同另一扇窗之間, 洞口和洞口之間,剩餘的牆體。四個三角組成錐體,是展場中的壇,供奉着由展場的 「肉身」,所轉化成的「自己」。1a空間在瓦解、拆毁、分裂的過程中,最終剩下的材 料,逐步地被壓縮成1a空間「模型」,相像自己,讓逝去的1a空間永恆地附身其中。

Exhibition Catalogue 展覽目錄


Exchange Circle 藝群匯集|1a space: Celebrating 25 Years of Artistic Journey in Hong Kong 1a空間:回顧二十五周年藝術歷程


Delve into the profound impact of 1a space as esteemed guest speakers May Fung, Louis Ho (Miha), and Chris Chan share their invaluable insights, offering a comprehensive understanding of the organization's evolution and its enduring contributions to the local art community. Their invaluable insights into the exhibitions, art projects, and future direction of 1a space have left a lasting impact.

從油街到牛棚,1a 空間走過四分之一個世紀,見證並推動著香港當代藝術的發展。

是次小組對談,我們有幸邀請到三位嘉賓講者 — 馮美華、何建宗(米哈)及陳錦成,透過其不同時期擔任的崗位與創作,分享了他們過往在 1a 空間所策劃的展覽和藝術項目的點滴,探討本地藝術空間與當代藝術的發展進程,並給未來的發展方向給予了寶貴的意見。

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