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1a空間 在 藝術博覽會 2022

1a space @ Art Fair 2022




In 1998, 1a space was founded by a collective of Hong Kong art practitioners, with hopes to create an independent platform for the making, experimentation, and exchange of contemporary art. Since then, we are honoured to have gathered different local and international art professionals, who are artists, curators, writers, educators, researchers, and various other creative roles. Through mutual support, we explore diverse forms of artmaking, ranging from exhibitions to community outreaches.


As a tribute to the artistic community that has been central to our years of experimentation, we invited 9 artists and 1 artist collective from previous projects to re-join us on this occasion. Collectively, they represent local creative makers rising from different generations, and how they have utilized a spectrum of artistic vernaculars to materialize thinking. Between them, there are also visible traces of exchanges, which illustrate the community as a continuously expanding network. Taking on its loose ends, this showcase seeks to weave new connections through the medium of artworks.

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