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Floating Platforms





About the Exhibition

HKBU Cultivating Peace program art exhibition

——《Floating Platforms》

Somewhere on the sea, there are countless sole floating platforms. Occasionally, they approach each other, at where they meet may generate different shapes of land through different forms of collision. They merge, push, or separate. The process of encounter is uncontrollable yet malleable.


Initiated by the Cultivating Peace Project of Hong Kong Baptist University, it involves a group of university students, secondary school students and Hong Kong artists to meet and work together for several months. Through community tours, group sharings, creative exercises, etc., they get to know each other and explore the possibility of interpersonal and community peace. Through a series of works, the exhibition attempts to explore the changing distance and boundary between people, trace the balance point of relationship in the process, and at the same time connect to a broader context of the local community.


Floating platforms challenge the trust between us and others. Before stability, may this process bring you to some wider lands.

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