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We are at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023|1a空間於巴塞爾藝術展香港展會2023

1a space is once again, very honored to be one of the cultural partners of Art Basel Hong Kong . This year, we shall continue to connect the local art community with 17 art practitioners from different disciplines to cultivate art via the theme of Growing Art. We hereby sincerely invite you to visit and sprout organic conversations with us.

1a 空間非常榮幸再次成為巴塞爾藝術展香港展會的文化合作夥伴。今年我們繼續連結本地藝術社群,以 Growing Art 為主題,與 17 位不同領域的藝文工作者一起栽種藝術。誠邀你蒞臨參觀,與我們展開對話。

Participating artists 參展藝術家:

CHAN Sai Lok 阿三

Meko CHENG 鄭凱殷

Reds CHEUNG 張景威

Dave CHOW 周睿宏

Jessica FU​ 傅至雅

Thomas FUNG 馮倚天

Bonnie LAM 林昕彤

LAM Hoi Yi 林海怡

Natalie LO 勞麗麗

Jolene MOK 莫頌靈

MUI Hoi Ying 梅愷盈

Tracy NGAI 魏素芬

Debe SHAM 岑愷怡

Harrison WONG

Issac WONG 黃康迪

Fiona WONG 黃麗貞

Iris YEUNG 楊樂瑤

Show dates 展期 | 21 - 25 March

Location 地址 | Level 1 Concourse, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre 香港會議展覽中心一樓大堂


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