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【Per/Platform Live Art Festival 2021】

Per/Platform Live Art Festival 2021

13 - 22 August 2021

📍 1a space, Cattle Depot Artist Village


Chen Shi Sen Sanmu,

Natasha Cheung,

Ip Pui Pui,

Florence Lam,

Lai Chun Ling,

Ashley Leung,

Ma Wing Man Mandy,

Jing Pang,

To Yeuk,

Hoiyu Tsang,

Milo Tse,

Virtue Village,

Cas Wong,

Siu Fong Yeung,

Monique Yum,

Yuen Hiu Lam

The theme for Per/Platform 2021 is Light. In its essence, light is a form of of energy. It is white and iridescent. It has been regarded as the symbol of life and intellectual enlightenment. In Chinese, light originates from a human body in action - the ancient character for light resembles a kneeling person lifting a fire bowl.

Similarly, performance art is rooted in the temporal and physical co-presence of the artist’s body in relation to time and space, manifested through action. Co-curated by Juliana Chan and Florence Lam, Per/Platform brings together artists both new to and experienced in performance art, to explore the boundless ways of experimentation in the live medium and to interpret the theme of light physically, metaphysically and metaphorically.



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