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How to choose the right solar charger?

With so many solar battery chargers available in the market, it can be hard to choose a good one. Some specifics that you should look for when choosing the solar charger for your power requirements are:


An efficient battery charger harnesses the solar energy quickly, so you don’t have to worry even if there is not enough sun. Hence, they are useful in winters as well when you have comparatively less sun.


Solar chargers are available in different sizes. However, the more power you need, the bigger the size of the charger. If you’re looking to charge your car battery, you can go for a 12 Volt battery charger because it is lightweight and usually easy-to-carry.

They can be kept easily inside a car, and you can carry it around easily. Moreover, it has enough capacity to sustain bigger things like cars, bikes, boats, etc.


Usually, solar battery chargers have power between 2 to 18 volts. The ones with higher powers can be charged quickly, but the ones with lower powers don’t pose a risk to overpower your battery.

Cables & Connectors

Having a solar battery with multiple connectors gives you various options to choose from. You must also choose the size of the power cable.

If it is too small, you might find it hard to plug it into your charger.

The solar battery charger is a great invention that can help us become more eco-friendly by harnessing solar energy. So, investing in it can be the right move towards reducing your carbon footprint and making the most out of the sun.

It is easy to see the benefits of solar battery chargers - they allow you to recharge gadgets and even car batteries without an external electrical source.

There are also some subtler benefits. For example, once manufactured, solar cells do not generate any emissions, waste, or byproducts.

Although solar chargers function very well, they do have some limitations. Firstly, the power of a solar battery charger cannot be compared to a regular battery charger. These chargers are not as powerful, so it takes more time to charge the batteries.

Yes, they can. But usually, there should be no shadow on the solar panel. Any shade of trees, leaves, gravel and building can cause some solar cells to produce less power than other cells in the sunlight, and consequently, the overall efficiency of the solar panels is weakened. Also, you might expect your solar power system to pay back faster; then, you better keep the solar panels away from any shade to ensure the best power outcome.

In order to work, solar panels need to have sunlight. While they can work in low light conditions such as cloudy days, they are not able to generate any effective power during the night. However, that doesn’t mean that you will be without power. The use of batteries is one of the best ways to do this, allowing you to store energy throughout the day so that you can continue to use your electronics as needed.

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