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Drafting Tools:Redesign the most complex features of your design by using the surface-generation tools and drawing strategies of Revit. (video: 4:27 min.)Revit 2019 feature comparisonRevit 2019 has no small surprises. Along with our experts’ advice, here are the highlights of what you can expect from the new release.Support for 3D drawingRevit 2019 is the first CAD application to support 3D drawing. You can now model any 3D solid in your drawing, including glass, plastic and metal components. With a click, you can render your model in 3D from your drawing. You can also connect to your model from your Revit project, explore it in 3D and publish it.Realistic modelingThe objects in your drawing appear like they’re solid. Whether they’re walls, windows or pipes, you can see all of the hidden surfaces. For example, if you select the surface of a wall or a window, you can see all of the features of the object such as windows, doors or skylights. You can also see where the object’s structural supports connect.Real-time 3D inspectionIn Revit 2019, you can take 3D snapshots of a part of your drawing. By rotating the image, you can view different angles. By zooming in or out, you can see the details of your model with clarity. Revit 2019 also supports live, on-the-fly zooming.Automated CAD reportsRevit 2019 offers an advanced set of report tools to automate the process of generating a wide range of CAD-based reports.Drafting framework for architectural projectsRevit 2019 gives you a full drafting framework that includes ortho, isometric, axonometric, free-hand and sketch-oriented views. You can create a 2D plan or a 3D model of any type of building, such as a restaurant, a bank or a home. You can export your model to Google Earth for a 360-degree experience.Related: Master it all with the CAD app you know and loveWhat’s New in Revit 2019Model-Based DesignThe top menu bar contains functions that enable you to view your models as solid, wireframe, surface or technical drawing. Viewing options are accessed by choosing View > Drawing 2be273e24d


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