1a空間 實習生計劃 2018

 1a space Internship Programme  2018

1a空間 X 嶺南大學暑期實習生計劃2018

1a space X Lingnan University Summer Internship Programme 2018

Jul 2018 – Aug 2018



盧雪怡 Lo Suet Yi, Shirley

楊志明 Yeung Chi Ming, Peter

鐘競瑤 Zhong Jing Yao, Agnes


參與活動包括Participating events include:

對話的風景 – 駐院札記​ Scenery of Dialogue – Artist In Hospital

一分鐘社區雕塑 - 社區創意導賞 1-minute sculpture – Creative Guided Tour

速藝工作坊成果展 Fast Art workshop

例外日常夏藝營成果展 In(ex)ception Summer Camp Thematic Exhibition

龍城藝敍:工藝重索 Art@ Kowloon City District: Craft-ist


IInterns participated in  "In(ex)ception Summer Camp Thematic Exhibition" artist talk

實習生與藝術家一起討論《一分鐘社區雕塑 - 社區創意導賞》細節

Interns discussed  the details of "1-minute sculpture – Creative Guided Tour" with participating artists

實習生與《一分鐘社區雕塑 - 社區創意導賞》參加者進行討論

Interns discussed  with participators in "1-minute sculpture – Creative Guided Tour"

實習生與《一分鐘社區雕塑 - 社區創意導賞》參加者進行討論

Interns discussed the "1-minute sculpture – Creative Guided Tour" with participators 

1a空間實習生計劃 2018-2019

1a space Internship Programme 2018-2019

Oct 2018 – Apr 2019



畢穎淇But Wing Ki, Winky        

陳漱石 Chan Sau Shek, Andypoll

陳柔李 Chan Yau Lee, Julie

魏嘉瑩 Ngai Ka Ying, Jasmine

楊靄妍 Yeung Oi Yin, Samantha


參與活動包括Participating events include:

物歸原主岑愷怡個展 Mat6 Gwai1 Yun4 Jyu2 – A Solo Exhibition by Debe Sham

滋生在尾房的多媒體藝術展 “Breeding in the Last Room”  Multimedia Art Exhibition

香港視覺藝術評論人培訓計劃 2018 Hong Kong Visual Art Critic Nurturing Programme

聽話?! Listen Up?!


九龍城藝術節@西九 Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon

香港文學館 - 文學大龍鳳

巴塞爾藝術展香港展 Art Basel Hong Kong

駭.動 Hactivate Yourself



1a空間於2018年間共舉辦了4輪實習生計劃,共招聘了16位實習生。16位實習生在實習期間除了協助1a空間團隊處理日常行玫工作、參與展覽佈置及後勤工作外,更與1a空間團隊一同籌劃及帶領不同的公眾活動,如協助《例外日常夏藝營》及《龍城藝敍:工藝重索》藝術家進行工作坊、策劃《一分鐘社區雕塑 - 社區創意導賞》等。部分實習生在實習計劃後仍然熱心參與1a空間活動,包括擔任《九龍城藝術節@西九》的工作坊導師及義工隊長的角色。


As an independent art institution and venue in Hong Kong, 1a space has provided training and internship opportunities to local university students and fresh graduates with strong interest in working professionally in the contemporary art since 2010. The internship scheme allows the interns to work closely with 1a space team to experience and learn about the daily operation of independent art space, which they can gain practical working experience in the art field for their future career.


In 2018, 1a space has held 4 rounds of internship programmes and recruited 16 interns in total. During the internship period, interns assisted in 1a space daily administrative duties, exhibitions set up and preparation. More than that, interns participated in organizing and executing various public events, include assisting the artists in “In(ex)ception Summer Camp Thematic Exhibition” and “Art@ Kowloon City District: Craft-ist workshops” and planning the content of “1-minute sculpture – Creative Guided Tour”. Several interns actively participated in 1a space programmes after their internship, for instance being the workshop tutors and volunteer team leaders in the “Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon”.

1a空間實習生計劃 - 2018 春季

1a space Internship Programme – Spring 2018

Mar 2018 – Jun 2018



周璟彤Chow King Tung, Zoe

黃銘樂Wong Ming Lok, Danson

Wong Siu Shan

張曉琳Zhang Xiaolin, Nicole


參與活動包括Participating events include:

鴛鴦雅座 Yuan Yang – City at the Mixed of Time Performative Art Tour to the hidden Hong Kong

星光堆砌的我們 Our Bones Are Made of Starlight

生涯規劃計劃-探索藝行 Life Planning Programme – Arts Industry Exploration

由白而來 Transparent Cube Space

一分鐘社區雕塑 - 社區創意導賞 1-minute sculpture – Creative Guided Tour


Interns participated in "Our Bones Are Made of Starlight" talk


Intern assisted in "Our Bones Are Made of Starlight" opening 


Interns assisted in “Breeding in the Last Room”  Multimedia Art Exhibition set up

1a空間實習生計劃 - 2018 夏季

1a space Internship Programme – Summer 2018 

Jul 2018 – Sep 2019



Chau Wing Cheung, Anna

陳瑩蔚 Chan Ying Wai, Yetta

Lee Tsz Ching, Joy

Se Man Wai, Van


參與活動包括Participating events include:

一分鐘社區雕塑 - 社區創意導賞 1-minute sculpture – Creative Guided Tour

速藝工作坊成果展 Fast Art workshop

例外日常夏藝營成果展 In(ex)ception Summer Camp Thematic Exhibition

龍城藝敍:工藝重索 Art@ Kowloon City District: Craft-ist

滋生在尾房的多媒體藝術展 “Breeding in the Last Room”  Multimedia Art Exhibition


Intern led artistic workshop


Intern assisted in “Art@ Kowloon City District: Craft-ist” workshops

實習生參與《一分鐘社區雕塑 - 社區創意導賞》,並擔任表演者

Intern participated and performed  in "1-minute sculpture – Creative Guided Tour" 

實習生在《九龍城藝術節@西九》 擔任藝術工作坊導師

Intern led the artistic workshop in the "Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon"

實習生與《駭.動 》 藝術家交流創作心得

Interns interacted with “Hactivate Yourself” artists


Intern introduced the artwork to audience in Art Basel

1a空間職員及實習生與《九龍城藝術節@西九 》藝術家合照

1a space, interns and "Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon" participated  artists group photo


1a space, interns and "Listen Up?!" participated  artists group photo

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1a space, founded in 1998, is an independent, non-profit making contemporary art space founded by a collective of Hong Kong artworkers. 1a space presented more than 160 contemporary art exhibition in Hong Kong over two decades.