《滴 溚滴》藝術家對談系列: 微語場場

Jun 19, 2013
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Apr 22, 2013
Burger Collection is pleased to announce the launch of a three-year exhibition and research project developed and realized with 1a space, an independent artist-run organization. The project represents a further installment of theQuadrilogy by Burger Collection. The project will open in May 2013 with the multi-disciplinary exhibition I Think It Rains at the heritage site of the Cattle Depot Artist Village in Hong Kong. It will feature some 20 artists and writers from Hong Kong and abroad. PROJECT DESCRIPTION I Think It Rains brings together artists, writers, and critics invited by Burger Collection and 1a space in a tentative of creating a cross-disciplinary collaborati read more...

Text . Book - Solo exhibition by Annie WAN Lai-kuen

Apr 02, 2013
1a space is proud to present the solo exhibition of renowned local artist Annie Wan Lai-kuen. For Annie Wan, molding is not only an important process in her art but also a key concept. It stems from her sensitivity to everyday life and keen observation of mundane objects, which means that molding is her chosen method for examining and depicting reality. The copy mimics the appearance of the original. While it brings to mind the existence of the original object, it would never contain the substance of the latter. But it is precisely this gap between the copy and the original that leaves space for imagination and interpretation. Opening reception: 12th April, 2013 (6:30pm) Exhibition date read more...

Sex toy workshop created by WONG Wai Yim

Mar 22, 2013
Wong Wai Yim, lives & works in Hong Kong & Paris. Master Degree of Art & Post Master in National Art School in France. In 2005, she came back to Hong Kong & is working between HK & Paris until now. Exhibited in Hong Kong, China, Europe, South Korea, etc. She works with many different media for her art: Video Art, Installation, Performance Art, Photography, Documentation film, Writing and Glass Art. After the previous art events: “A story for a story”, “Murmur”, Artist WONG Wai Yim would like to create a continuous project in the idea of exchanging stories. It is about the "sex toy story”.   In conversation with friends in read more...

Mid-career artist recognition: Know Thyself

Mar 15, 2013
While 1a space is known for our commitment to work with young and emerging artists, we also see the need to provide continuous support to mid-career artists as they often lack sustained exposure. 1a space therefore aims to provide a decent space and professional curatorial support to these artists who persevere in producing high-quality works. Theupcoming solo exhibition of Hong Kong artist Chris Chan Kam-shing demonstrates our commitment to this belief. ‘Know Thyself’ suggests a possible way to see and interpret the world. Chan uses fragile and volatilematerials to reveal the uncertainty and malleability of the physical world. In this way Chan constructs an unstable and dyna read more...