Board of Directors

The Administrative Office of 1a space is governed by a Board of Directors, supervised by members of Curatorial Panel. The Administrative Team currently is made up of a team of three full time staff, who ensure the smooth operation of the gallery and that the programmes are executed in a professional manner.
The Board of Directors consists of five members who contribute with their professional skills and their close contact with the art scene to the gallery’s work. The Board of Director governs and oversee the strategic and operational direction of 1a space. The Board is formed of volunteer members of the art community that contribute with their expertise and skills to the needs of 1a space. The Board together with the Curatorial Panel establishes the outlines of 1a space’s programmes and monitors that its goals are met.
The Board of Directors meets on regular intervals with staff to assess the gallery’s activities. The Board gives direction and helps to secure funding for the gallery’s operation by acquisition of grants and sponsorships.
The Curatorial Panel, elected by members of the Board of Directors, reviews the programmes regularly. The Curatorial Panel is an advisory body which advises on execution and curatorial aspects of the programmes.
CHANG Ping-hung Wallace
Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong.
Director of Arch Design Architects and UMA G.
CHOI Yan-chi

CHUI, Heung Lan
Art Teacher
HO Kin Chung Louis
Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at Hong Kong Baptist University
CHEUNG King Wai Reds
Artist, curator